Thanks to Memorial Hospital for Hosting "Parenting during Covid-19 Times, Stress and Self Care" Webinar.

Including the following resources:

·         Corona Anxiety Workbook

Coronavirus-Anxiety Workbook


The THINK Technique
True? – Is this thought 100% true? If not, what are the facts, and what is opinion?
Helpful? – Is paying attention to the thought useful to me or others?
Inspiring? – Does the thought inspire me or does it have the opposite effect?
Necessary? – Is it important for me to focus on the thought? Is it necessary to act on it?
Kind? – Is the thought kind? If not, what would be a kinder thought?
Thought Challenging Tips

• Writing or typing your thought challenging process is more powerful than trying to do it in your head. We recommend trying out the free CBT Thought Diary app (Google Play, iTunes).

• If you’re not used to paying this much attention to your inner dialogue, thought challenging might feel unnatural at first. That’s okay. Over time, it’ll start to feel easier.

• This isn’t the most appropriate tool if you’re feeling very distressed, as it can be hard to think rationally when your emotional brain has taken over. Try defusing your emotions with a

distraction activity (see the following page) and returning to thought challenging once you’re feeling calmer.

·         COVID-19 Time Capsule Sheets

2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheet

·         For Family Counseling: please see the Family Ties brochure and Referral Form

Family TIES brochure 2020

Family TIES Referral form

·         For Youth Counseling: please see the BBHC brochure and Referral Form


Referral Form


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