Our speaker have sent us a link to the “High5 Strengths Test” 


*This is a free assessment, therefore the site limits the ability to expand and print results, however, participants can take screen shots of their results  or  may choose to expand their access by paying the site independently.  

Some items to know about the strengths test:

() 100 questions – plan from 15 to 30 minutes to take the entire test

() Designed to help you understand and appreciate yourself and others

() There are no wrong or right answers – be true to yourself and the process

() Results are determined by a validated system of recurring pattern of thoughts, decisions, actions and       feelings that satisfy (5) major criteria

  1. You feel natural at using and developing your ability
  2. You get positive energy when using your strengths
  3. Others also perceive this as your strength
  4. It goes along with your values and understanding of a strength
  5. It satisfies your inner needs


During the course of our zoom call we will explore how you can use these strengths to improve upon the team and also identify what I refer to as “when I’m at my best/or not at my best” how does this strength show up?