During these unprecedented times we must continue to offer compassion and grace as we move forward with testing our students. The Biden administration has announced that they will not be suspending the federal requirement for testing but will allow states to seek waivers from federal requirements for school accountability, including the mandate to identify certain low-performing schools, for the 2020-21 school year. The waiver would also allow flexibility on the requirement that states test 95% of eligible students. It will be a considerable challenge to ensure that schools can test 95% of students safely in person OR to make accommodations for testing Digital Learners. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic and the anticipated inconsistent delivery of education this school year it’s important that we use state exams as a roadmap or barometer in determining where to allocate resources.
Please email Governor DeSantis and urge him to seek the federal waiver and use the flexibility to eliminate the requirement to test 95% of eligible students, suspend school grading and hold students and educators harmless from the negative effects of the test results.
Florida PTA wants parents to know where our children are in their education.  However, we must focus not only on a student’s academic loss due to COVID-19 but also their social and emotional health. Punitive accountability measures based on test results will not help our children.  Let us show our students and families what grace and compassion truly looks like.  Please email Governor DeSantis today!

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